What other people are saying...

“I really wasn’t happy with the margins I could make in the industry… I had experienced hard money lending so I had an inside perspective when starting. After the training, my 5th day after searching for properties I had my first contract. The first 3 days were tough though.”
Rod G

“Ninja skills, coming from another way to attack a problem.. Originally I was terrified… It took me a while to really get over that barrier… but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The training that goes on is a real huge benefit. “one of the biggest things for me was that it’s not about houses at all, it’s about helping humans.”
Ivan N

“Step by step handling the success. He takes it and makes it super laser focused… You may not know what the next steps are… You work full time, but you have to take that leap to do it anyways. When I was looking for a coach I was looking for someone with the same moral compass. You’ll be taught the exact path you need to go down and there’ll be no guess work.”
Mike G

“I basically have my 5th property. What words to say, what not to say. It’s important to say or not say the right words. I get pumped up after the meetings… I’m here to offer them help. If they ask me how I can help, I don’t start by saying I can buy their house, I let them know there are other options.”
Lorraine L